FrozenSupply Introduces 20 Percent Discount On 17.25” Gaming Mouse Pad

Sunday, December 14, 2014 — FrozenSupply today announced a limited period 20 percent discount on their first offering - a Gaming Mouse Pad measuring 17.25”x13.25”.

Austin, MN – FrozenSupply, announced a sale on their mouse pads. Customers can purchase the 17.25” gaming mouse pad on at a discounted price of $19.99, rather than the original list price of $24.99. The company is also offering a smaller, 10.25” gaming mouse pad, which is on sale for $12.99. If purchased on Amazon, customers can receive free shipping on all orders of $35 or more.

Speaking to the media, a representative of the company said, “We are extremely excited to announce a limited time sale on our Gaming Mouse Pads. This presents the customers a great opportunity to buy a quality product at an affordable price.” She further added, “For people looking to enhance their gaming experience, now is the time to buy!

The top surface of the gaming mouse pads are made with super fine fiber to enhance speed performance. They also have a non-slip rubber backing to hold the product in place while in use. The stitched edging prevents fraying and ensures that the product will last for years. The large, 17.25” mouse pad offers the user extra room to play and move while the small, 10.25” mouse pad will fit on almost any desk. The product has had several positive reviews in the small time of its existence. One reviewer wrote: “For the price it’s hard to turn this pad down: solid feel (smooth enough for extended play time, but textured enough to give you precision), reliable rubber backing for reduced slipping, and, because it does matter, cosmetically pleasant (good, subtle design that just works).” Another reviewer stated: “This is perfect for gaming…the large size makes it easy to move around without issue and the binding on the edges is very well done.”

About FrozenSupply

FrozenSupply is an internet based company that sells products on and started operations in the year 2014. The company provides unique and quality products at affordable prices on Amazon.

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