LedgerPal Raises the Bar for Web Based Accounting Software

Sunday, December 14, 2014 — Accounting software is easy to come by these days, however there are not many types of software available that are also web based.

The LedgerPal accounting software covers all aspects of bookkeeping, including inventory requirements for corporations and even businesses. Starting in 2009, the founders Rob Lunan and Ian Hall conceptualized the software after years of development and planning. The entire software was created from scratch and is not based upon any other current accounting software known today.

Based on the “secure cloud”, LedgerPal offers easy to access content that users are finding extremely helpful. Being able to be accessed from any point within the world or time of day adds additional ease of user friendliness. Not to mention, that since the software is based on a secure cloud, user information is continuously backed up automatically, adding to the advanced software features. LedgerPal has became an easy to use accounting software that virtually any business located anywhere around the world can utilize.

One of the main focus features that LedgerPal provides is that users may access LedgerPal from multiple devices and they can have multiple users. There are many capabilities within LedgerPal that is allowing users to utilize their services for a full range of all-in-one complete services. Ready to learn more about LedgerPal? Visit them online at http://www.ledgerpal.com

About company:

When you sign up for LedgerPal™ you get the world’s best suite of online accounting tools at your fingertips. There is nothing to install or upgrade – EVER! Everything is backed up automatically and it works fast from any computer browser or smart phone.

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