Offering 4 Steady Income Streams as Members Build a Group Owned Alternative Energy Company

Sunday, December 14, 2014 — Winsolea is a new and unique way of building future income.

Portland, Oregon, USA – To attract financial abundance in today’s environment, most experts agree it pays to be innovative and to think outside of the box. The recently launched affiliate website is a shining example of an effort that takes both of these suggestions to heart. Based around a four different income stream effort to help members become financially independent, and creation of an alternative energy company where all members will have a share, Winsolea is completely unique and has been met with quick enthusiasm.

“Make no mistake this is a chance to be part of something BIG in its early days,” commented a spokesperson from Winsolea. “This isn’t the type of opportunity that presents itself every day. I’d suggest anyone interested in becoming a proud co-owner, in a company that’s part of a multi-trillion dollar industry, that the time to act is now!”

Current income generating streams available to Winsolea members include: a multi-earnings BUX site, a huge and very popular ebook/software store, a growing global classified ads site, a Paid to Click advertising portal, and referring additional members to the primary Winsolea program itself.

According to the company, Winsolea offers some of the most friendly commissions in the industry with 50% commissions paid out from the main income stream sites, and $2/$1 a member paid for bringing new people into the Winsolea program.

The response from members has been very enthusiastic.

Emily G., from Illinois, recently said, “I’ve worked with other network marketing programs and affiliate programs and they don’t compare at all to what I’ve been able to see so far with Winsolea. This is really a team effort for all of us! Fully recommended!”

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Vashek Pokorny